Create Your Regime


the #standenmayway | step-by-step


Create your very own tailor-made haircare regime, the #StandenMayWay. We want to make things super simple for you, so healthy, manageable, beautiful hair is your everyday. First, pick your Shampoo + Conditioner combination, we've given you the low down of each of our formulations below, but if you're unsure which will suit you best, please get in touch and our stylists will consult your hair's every need. We'd usually begin with the Cleanse Me Shampoo followed by a second shampoo of your choice and then to condition. In-house we like to mix and match shampoo and conditioners to address your hair's needs so don't be afraid to pick 'n' mix.


Shampoo + Conditioner

Your first step to beautiful hair. The Cleanse Me Shampoo creates a blank canvas for manageable and effortlessly styled hair, whilst the Conditioner is super lightweight to keep things squeaky clean, it uses Cyclomethicone which delivers nutrients to the hair without weighing it down. Like your skin, your hair loves a two-step cleanse, so we’d recommend you start your regimen with one of these babies to kick start the beautiful-ness, followed by a second shampoo to work on your hair hang-ups, whether it be for plump-age, hydration or strength.


Shampoo + Conditioner

With all that colouring, styling and holidaying throughout the year, hair gets dryyy - particularly at the ends. So when your hair is feeling a little parched, introduce the Hydrate Me Shampoo + Conditioner into your regime. The shampoo uses Glycerin to attract water to the hair to lock in moisture, whilst Argan Oil restores softness, builds strength and adds shine. This shampoo works best for medium to thick hair that’s heavily bleached or chemically treated. A natural antioxidant for your hair - the Hydrate Me Conditioner uses Macadamia Oil to prevent the loss of moisture. Perfect for those frazzled dry ends, it’s super nourishing and creates a healthy, glossy shine. Use after any of our shampoos from mid-lengths to the ends to recondition and hydrate, even on fine hair.


Shampoo + Conditioner

Think we woke up like this? Nuh-uh - we owe our blow-dry perfection to Plump Me! A must-have for fine hair that likes to lay flat, this shampoo gives you the foundations for buildable volume from the root, all the way down. Key ingredients coat the hair to increase body without weighing it down, it’s this extra barrier that acts as a natural heat protectant and adds a beautiful shine to that big bouncy blow-out. Start your regime with Plump Me to give the impression of thick, glossy hair, it’s active enough to give you the fullness you need every day without any fear of those greasy roots.


Shampoo + Conditioner

SOS for your hair. Whether it’s super dry, damaged or highly bleached, the Strengthen Me Shampoo + Conditioner works from the inside out to repair and restore. It uses Keratin to penetrate the hair and rebuild its natural proteins, replacing essential amino acids that get lost during chemical processing. It’s a super rich formulation and so we’d recommend this combination for truly damaged hair to restore and protect from further breakage and split ends. It works best when teamed with our Fix Me Treatment and nourishing styling collection, as well as regular trims with your fave StandenMay stylist, of course.



Hell-no yellow! Clean out those brassy tones in-between StandenMay visits and neutralise yellow with a cooler silver to achieve a salon-fresh look. Formulated from our Hydrate Me Shampoo, Tone Me revitalises dehydration from bleaching and toning. Use this silver shampoo once a week to keep the yellow at bay. Speak to your StandenMay stylist before use as you may need just a little less, or a little more to maintain your beautiful blonde!


Conditioning Treatment

For when your hair is screaming ‘Fix Meeeee’ - or if you just fancy an extra little dose of luxury at home. The Fix Me Treatment should be used once a week or a couple of times a month depending on the condition of your hair to deeply nourish and condition. This miracle mask uses hero ingredients like Argan and Abyssinian Oils packed with omegas and keratin to moisturise and strengthen hair for a healthy, hydrated shine. Best enjoyed with a hot bath, a glass of Prosecco and the flicker of a StandenMay candle.


Our in-salon spa treatments use a combination of revitalising products with our Fix Me Treatment for the ultimate StandenMay experience. Go express for £10 or deluxe for £15, just pop in a request as you make your appointment x



Now the not-so-dreaded-after-all hair wash is done, it's time to lock in all that nourishing goodness and create some style... Our current styling collection is made up of just 5 products, like we said, simplicity is key here, life is complicated enough! Whether you're after sleek chic inspired by Kimmy-K, a glam-squad-esque blow out, or effortless un-done 'messy' - you can create all from this fabulous five. Take a peek below to create your style and stock-up on anything you need in-salon. It's super easy to combine whatever it is you need, but if you're unsure, please get in touch or ask your StandenMay stylist x

Vitamin Health Kick

Comb a couple of sprays of this Conditioning Tonic onto the mid-lengths and ends of your towel dried hair before drying and styling. This one is like a green smoothie for your hair - packed with protein, vitamins and minerals to restore hair from colouring and/or regular heat styling. Start your styling with this tonic to protect from breakage for silky smooth, healthy hair.


Moroccan Magic Potions

The Silk Potion restores softness, strength and shine like an instant makeover - StandenMay style. Argan Oil instantly hydrates and moisturises the hair for long-term repair sealing split ends for hair that looks and feels healthier, silkier and nourished to perfection! Apply 1 pump on towel dried hair through mid-lengths and ends, and for extra luxe, another once dry. This magical potion smells beautifully of geraniums and is a fave amongst the StandenMay girl squad.


Always Use Protection

Use the Protection Mist to shield your hair from harmful heat styling whilst creating a luminous shine. It uses Vitamin B5 to help your hair create protein-rish tissues to prevent breakage and keep things silky smooth. It's lightweight enough to create natural body, and gives lifeless roots texture for an easy volume boost. Perfect for all hair types, spritz a little mist before styling and comb through. And jet-setters, don't forget to pack in your luggage to protect hair from sun damage whilst you're away!


The Everlasting Sylist

Use this mattifying Texture Balm to create shape, definition and moveable texture. It's fresh and lightweight, and as you only need a smidge for each look, it'll last you forever. Callum loves to use this balm on short looks, just rub a little into the palms of your hands and work into the hair to style.


Good Hair For Lazy Girls

Perfect to add texture to freshly-washed fine hair in need of some character, or use at the root to mattify and boost when you're just too busy for full-glam. Lift hair and apply using our little pump-action bottle, the fine mineral powder is absorbed into the hair and gives instant volume, no effort needed. Moveable and re-workable, your hair will thank you for a little oomf throughout the day... tease small sections before applying for added hold, or work through the ends for tousled texture and un-done messiness.



Bring your styling tools and products to your next visit and your StandenMay stylist will give you a mini masterclass on how to style your look effortlessly at home, just give us a heads up when making your appointment so we can add a little extra time for all that learning!


Love StandenMay x