LFW | Christopher Kane


'She's cute, but phsyco, but cute'


The digital age has never been more impactful - over 95 million posts are shared on Instagram alone each day building the rose-tinted, glass-eyed picture of our daily lives. What we see just the cherry on the top, the very staged highlights of what we want others to see, essentially building our very own personal brand. And as crazy as we know it (we) can be, there’s not much we love more than building a beautiful feed or stalking fashion week’s favourite session stylists (or our best friend’s ex-boyfriend’s new gilfriend!)

Christopher Kane set out to highlight the facade we live behind through his newest collection for SS18. Shown at London Fashion Week, in front of Alexa Chung, Anna Wintour and wife of the Kering luxury group’s chairman Salma Hayek, for which the Christopher Kane label is a part of, Scottish-born Kane delivered a candid show of all colours and all textures, far from the simplistic chic, fashion-house classic that we’ll see in Paris, but truly British in its own cheeky little way.

The collection was playful and young, but with an underlying tone of darkness, kitsch and kinky in a way he said 'maybe only we [Brits]’ would 'get’. Using an abundance of ruffles - key for SS18 - along with printed tees pinned with dish cloths and pretty fluffy dresses teamed with patent evening gloves, Kane captured the essence of the domestic goddess. Clean and immaculate, strong and organised equipped to maintain the perfect home. Glamorous and put-together, but with the subtle charm of something slightly more sinister, as if a disillusioned nightmare was brewing beneath her pristine smile and sparkling kitchen.

I have always been obsessed by that pristine woman, so clean, so proper – yet having an emotional breakdown inside,' said Kane. 'I wanted to look at the idea of a closed domestic world, made into the exterior look of a person, something both clean and kinky. It’s what goes on behind closed doors in those everyday environments: the smell of bleach, Royal Doulton figurines and a certain kind of British sauciness.'

We love the floral prints, something unusually, we’ve not seen much of for SS18. But Kane executes it with a matter of edge, printed over transparent raincoats, parodic blazers and naughty slip dresses layered over even more ruffles, whilst intricate lace and frayed edging detailed black suits and red dresses. There’s plenty of pink, almost Chanel-esque in its perfection, but an un-done reinvention where pretty frills meet raunchy thrills.

Hair was by Guido Palau (obvs) - the quick low pony was set off by statement earrings, a little messy to slowly dismantle the illusion of perfection. Behind every woman, there’s something a little more going on, maybe a little crazy. She’s cute, but phsyco, but cute! So who cares? If we take anything from this show, it’s that the world’s fast-paced digital life might be going a little wild, but we can sure look hot AF as it happens.


Video embedded courtesy of FF Chanel YouTube [SS18 Full Fashion Show].