MFW | Gucci


'Fashion is full of little things'


Gucci of recent has reinvented itself. Since Alessandro Michele became creative director in 2015 the luxury brand is revived and back to being a global powerhouse, everywhere you look you can see glistens of gold amongst flickers and green and red stripes. This year, Michele decided that fashion week is much more than the clothes, yea we already knew this I guess, but he’s taken it to the next extreme. It’s no longer the clothes and it’s more than the beauty, it’s a ‘state of mind’. His fashion week collection was created with the September show in mind, the lighting, the music, the runway...

And this is why the fashion - the clothes - appear to be probably the most eclectic mismatch of looks we’ve seen for a very long time. The show began granny-chic, with misfits of pencil skirts and English heritage style tweed suit jackets styled with iconic 90s accessories and lots of hair!

Futuristic eyewear met with a dazzling 70’s rock-glam-style paid homage to Elton John whose closet Gucci raided as research for the collection - spot the embellished snake suit in purple with matching velvet pants, well, how could you miss it? David Furnish was nestled in the frow keeping a keen eye on each look on behalf of hubby. We loved the Prince-esque laced lilac two-piece with gold edging, another decade to add to the collection’s inspiration. It’s worldly, with influences from traditional Italian style prints to far-east Asian silhouettes, worldly and yet with a childlike charm with references to Disney and Bugs Bunny himself in the form of embellished motifs and embroidery.

Gucci’s cheekiness has developed into its signature style, the current fragrance campaign ‘Bloom’ sees Dakota Johnson’s mischievous grin prevail, as did it in the front row of Michele’s collection. ‘I’m trying to push the fact that fashion is full of little things’ he says, a collective of possessions, finds and artefacts to make up a look. He’s simply ‘resisting pressure to speed ahead and change what he does’ the industry eagerly waits for his next move, he establishes some comfort in the old.

‘To feel contemporary I need to know that there was something there before.’

Hair was styled by Paul Hanlon, and though there was of course an eclectic mix of looks, everything was understated, but in a beautiful un-done kind of way. The Gucci girls wore hip-grazing natural waves and bobs were kept sharp, blunt and fresher than ever.

Not for the faint-hearted Gucci has certainly made their mark.


Video embedded courtesy of Gucci YouTube [SS 2018 Fashion Show].